SpÉcialiste de la rÉalisation de moules de soufflage



Our teams support you at every step of the project

Design of flask and technical parts

Our design team develops and studies your request from your specification, a sketch or just an idea. We can then propose you several types of prototypes, either a realistic picture or a painted and
decorated prototype or by transparency prototype with PETG or PET aspect… We make the 2D and 3D studies required for the mold making. we bring you competitive and fitted technical solutions. cooling optimization, decrease of corrosion, decrease of maintenance costs.

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Making of mold and accessory tools

All our tools are made in our production workshop by specalized and experienced technicians, on lastgeneration production machines

Our investment and ongoing improvement policy aims at the optimization of our productivity, reduction of our costs, our delivery time and improve quality.

All our molds are controlled and delivered, on request, with the following measurements :

  • Dimensional test,
  • Cutting test,
  • Test of waterproof and of flow of cooling circuit,
  • We optimize your project in order to achieve 3 goals.

Nous optimisons votre projet afin d’atteintre trois objectifs :


contact us and discover our high cadence tools with low maintenance costs (10 years guarantee).